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AFT Retirees

Safeguarding our children

safety coordinatorKeeping kids safe is the top priority of AFT member Sue Graves, a safety coordinator for the Lincoln County public schools in Oregon. Right after the tragedy in Newtown, the U.S. Department of Education called on Graves to fly to Connecticut to speak at a symposium for about 850 educators and school staff who wanted to strengthen their emergency plans. "You can’t just give a school a plan and say 'Let’s go.' It should be customized," Graves says.

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Working longer to pay for health coverage

More than half of all workers say they intend to stay on the job longer than they want to as a way to keep their health insurance, according to new research by the Employee Benefit Research Institute. The actual experience of retirees suggests that may be wishful thinking: Only 19 percent of retirees say they were able to work longer  to continue receiving health insurance through their jobs, the EBRI report says.

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Sequestration: Tell Congress to stop the cuts

Sequestration Make your voice heard. Urge Congress to avert sequestration and develop instead a balanced approach that includes revenue increases; protects Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare; and does not harm the middle class, or destroy investments in programs that help our economy grow, such as education, infrastructure improvements and job training.

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AFT welcomes the National Federation of Nurses

Reporter magazineThe National Federation of Nurses, which represents 34,000 registered nurses across the country, has affiliated with the AFT, whose 1.5 million members include more than 48,000 nurses and thousands of other healthcare professionals. This new partnership between the NFN and the AFT solidifies and builds on the unity of AFT members wherever they work—and is a major step for our union, for nurses,  for patients and for patient care.

"The NFN decision is a vote of confidence in the AFT as a voice for professionals," says AFT president Randi Weingarten. "The NFN is the largest independent union of nurses, and we are delighted they have chosen to become part of our family of shared interests and professional values."

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AFT applauds President Obama's

immigration reform plan

Dream Act RallyPresident Obama’s immigration reform plan, proposed on Jan. 29, provides a compassionate, comprehensive pathway to citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants who currently reside in the United States, AFT president Randi Weingarten says. "The president's blueprint for reform and the U.S. Senate bipartisan framework show an understanding that our nation has always been enriched by immigrants and strengthened by the diversity they bring," she says. The AFT supports commonsense reform of immigration laws and, at the same time, has called for protections for the rights of immigrant workers recruited under various work visa programs. Some have been exposed to exploitation and abuse.

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Sign on to support commonsense immigration reform

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What’s new about Fraud.org

The National Consumers League is relaunching its website Fraud.org. The new website includes an updated search function for consumers; content that is easily shareable via social networks so that consumers can quickly pass along fraud warnings; the ability to sign up for regular fraud alerts to help consumers stay abreast of emerging scams; and the ability for consumers who have been victims of fraud or have been approached by scammers to  file complaints through the site’s secure online complaint form.

Investing in our best interests

Today, nearly $4 trillion is held in defined-benefit pension funds in our country on behalf of American workers for their retirement. Amassed by these hard-working employees through their deferred wages, the funds and the benefits that come from these pension accounts represent a social promise that when individuals are ready to retire, they will have the financial security to live in dignity the rest of their lives.

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Keeing our kids safe

Working longer to pay for healthcare

AFT welcomes the National Federation of Nurses

AFT applauds immigration reform plan

Investing in our best interests

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