Don't be Related to Walmart!

Last week, members of the Walmart Free NYC Coalition staged a flash mob in Time Warner Center, headquarters of the Related Companies, the real estate developer currently in talks to lease Walmart space to build its first store in New York City. Nearly a hundred signing and dancing New Yorkers showed up to let Related know we don’t want them opening the floodgates for Walmart to take over our city:

Our action was fun, but our message was serious. If Related’s deal with Walmart goes through, it would:

  • Disrupt a years-long community planning process intended to bring small businesses and quality jobs to the site Walmart now wants to build on
  • Be the first of potentially hundreds of Walmarts, which would effectively kill jobs, threaten small businesses, and lower labor standards across the city

We hope you’ll take a minute to share the video with your friends and to use the form below to send Related CEO Steven Ross an email letting him know you want him to do right by New Yorkers and avoid selling us out to one of the world’s worst employers.

Stephen Ross

The Related Companies
60 Columbus Circle
19th Floor
New York , NY 10019