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Make Louisville a Compassionate AND Friendly City

 We are urging the Metro Louisville and Jefferson County community to take a stand by passing a Friendly City Ordinance. A Friendly City Ordinance will significantly increase the safety of the county, while recognizing  the human dignity of each person. Louisville will be aligning with over 134 cities nationwide by initiating this ordinance and this will be one more reason why Louisville is truly the leader in being a Compassionate City. 

The Friendly City Ordinance will : 
  • Affirm that Louisville/Jefferson County is Compassionate AND Friendly.
  • Prohibit the checking of immigration/citizenship status during the reporting of crimes. 
  • Prohibit the use of county funds to perform immigration checks (there is already a federal system in place for everyone booked in a jail).
  • Ensure that persons cannot be stopped and then detained solely based on immigration status, perceived status, perceived national origin or ability to speak English, or based on their name by anyone employed by Louisville/Jefferson County.
Tell the Louisville Metro Council that Jefferson County needs a Friendly City Ordinance to be Friendly AND Compassionate.


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I believe Louisville should be a Compassionate AND Friendly City. No one should live in fear. No one should live in fear to report crimes or to accept help from safety officials.

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