Recycling Isn't Sustainable Unless the Workers Are Paid a Wage That Can Sustain Them!

Last fall 2012, two workers from the ReCommunity Recycling facility (with whom Tompkins County contracts out recycling services), Stanley McPherson and Milton Webb, came to the Tompkins County Workers' Center to ask why they were not making a Living Wage while the 750 employees of Tompkins County were making a Living Wage (the County is the Workers' Center's largest Living Wage Certified Employer). Stanley and Milton have been on a mission to do whatever it takes to insure that they, everyone they work with, as well as the larger low-wage work force, are all paid a Living Wage. This is a mission that has been long and dear to the Tompkins County Workers' Center. This petition is directed at the national private corporation, ReCommunity Recycling.

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94 12 months ago Raymond Terepka and Nancy Stewart Ithaca, NY
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84 1 year ago Alice Grow Newfield, NY
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80 1 year ago zillah eisenstein ithaca, NY
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