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Here's the real deal on online shipping – the whole system is built on unsafe, low-paying, temporary jobs. Workers in U.S. shipping centers and warehouses that fulfill online orders for major retailers are subject to dangerous, sweatshop-like working conditions. These workers are consistently asked to work at unreasonable and backbreaking speeds, and they endure the pain because they’re afraid of losing their jobs.

This system won't change until consumers stand up together and let online retailers know that we care more about how they treat their workers than the speedy shipping they're offering us.

That's why this Cyber Monday, the biggest online shopping day of the year, instead of sending our money to companies like Amazon and Walmart – we're sending a message that we choose safe, sustainable jobs over steals and deals.

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"This Cyber Monday, I’m not shopping online because the real cost of shipping retail goods – dangerous, sweatshop conditions for warehouse workers – is too high."

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