Stand With Striking Walmart Workers

Walmart has become the focus of viral, historic strikes by workers in stores and at warehouses across the country.

Time and time again, when Walmart workers have come together to call on the company to address issues with understaffing, scheduling, wages, benefits, safety, and just plain respect in the workplace, the company has attempted to silence them.

Without an end to the retaliation and mistreatment, Walmart workers around the country are prepared to strike on the biggest sales day of the year - Black Friday, November 23.

Let's show the media and the Walton family that we have these workers' backs. Join with Walmart workers in solidarity by signing our petition.

We'll make sure workers know you're standing with them to demand better working conditions and change at Walmart.



"This Black Friday, I'm standing in solidarity with Walmart workers on strike. I won't let Walmart silence them for speaking out about their working conditions."

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