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Tell Tommy Wells:
D.C. Needs a Living Wage

The Washington, D.C., City Council is just one vote short of the number it needs to overturn the mayor’s veto of the living wage bill that would require big retailers to pay their employees $12.50 an hour. This bill will go a long way to helping our community’s low-wage workers meet their basic needs and support their families.

Walmart, predictably, launched an all-out lobbying and PR blitz against the bill and threatened to stop development of three stores in the city.  But with your help, we still have a chance of ensuring this historic bill passes.

As the lone swing vote, the fate of thousands of deserving workers is in Councilman Tommy Wells’ hands. More importantly, if Tommy wants to be mayor, he cannot ignore the will of citywide workers and residents. He needs to hear from you to override the veto and the intimidation from Walmart.

Tell Tommy Wells to stand with working families and support the living wage bill>>

For more information, download our fact sheet on the Large Retailer Accountability Act.


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