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Tell Dirty Jobs Host Mike Rowe to Meet With Walmart Workers

Host Mike Rowe

TV host Mike Rowe, a longtime champion for working people in our country, is the voice of Walmart’s new PR stunt that promises to bring back American manufacturing by putting more U.S.-made products on its shelves. Mike said he did the campaign because he wants to see Walmart succeed at helping rebuild our country. But we think that rebuilding needs to start with the company paying workers more than poverty wages.

Walmart workers understand that all too well – which is why they’re asking to sit down with Mike Rowe and talk about how Walmart can really change.

Update: A few days after we penned an open letter to Mike Rowe to restate our sincere appeal to him to meet with Walmart workers, he responded to our letter on his Facebook page. Our collective outreach to Rowe compelled him to engage in a productive public discussion about Walmart's labor practices. Unfortunately, Rowe has not yet agreed to meet with the Walmart associates who want to share their perspectives about working for the company. OUR Walmart continues to reach out to Mike Rowe directly in order to facilitate an in-person meeting. Nevertheless, with the help of thousands of people who want Walmart to do better, our campaign provided a platform to increase public debate about Walmart's disastrous impact on jobs and our economy. Thanks for engaging with us in this effort and in our ongoing work to change Walmart and change our economy!

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