Demand Schedules That Work

Too many people today aren't just living paycheck to paycheck, they're living hour to hour. Large companies like Walmart and McDonald's schedule workers with too few hours on too short notice, putting them in a no-win situation. Not only do these jobs typically pay poorly, but workers are regularly required to be on call or maintain open availability without being guaranteed a shift. Not knowing their hours means not knowing how much money they'll make in a week or month. For these workers, being at the beck and call of their employers makes it that much harder to take care of everyday life responsibilities.

That's why the newly introduced Schedules That Work Act is so important. The bill allows everyone to have a say in their schedules – whether someone is experiencing erratic work shifts, is scheduled with too many hours or needs a schedule change because of a critical obligation. It would also help eradicate the abusive scheduling practices in the restaurant and retail industries.

If you think working families deserve jobs with just hours and stable work schedules they can depend on, will you ask your representative to co-sponsor the Schedules That Work Act?