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Dear Friend,

Not on our Amazon wishlist: sweatshop labor.

Amazon warehouse workers are facing back-breaking work in dangerously high heat.

Tell Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos: Stop the brutal treatment of workers in your company's warehouse.

When you order a book from Amazon, do you know why it's so cheap and arrives so fast? Because employees at an Amazon.com warehouse are literally working in a sweatshop.

New details have emerged that working conditions are so horrendous – with temperatures inside a Breinigsville, PA, warehouse often soaring above 100 degrees – that Amazon keeps an ambulance parked outside.1

Amazon would rather pay to take sick, overheated workers out on stretchers than turn up the air-conditioning.

Tell Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos you won't stand for the company's shameful disregard for worker safety and health.

One employee, Elmer Goris, said that conditions were so bad that it was like "working in a convection oven while blow-drying your hair." Goris added that one hot day he saw a co-worker pass out at the water fountain. A former warehouse worker, Karen Salasky echoed the bad conditions, "I've never worked for an employer that had paramedics waiting outside for people to drop because of the extreme heat." 2

Amazon's outrageous behavior includes:

  • Demanding work at such backbreaking speeds that employees suffer injuries and face constant threats of termination for being too slow.
  • Forcing employees to stay in an unsafe working environment where the heat index can hit 114 degrees.
  • Relying on temporary workers to drive down wages and make it hard for workers to collectively stand up for their rights.

Few Amazon customers will ever see the inside of warehouses like the one in Breinigsville. That's why it's critical that we speak out against these inhumane working conditions.

Write Amazon and demand an immediate end to their cruel abuse of warehouse workers.

Amazon doesn't mind if workers quit in response to the grueling working conditions. Most of them are temporary, anyway – that's part of how Amazon keeps costs down. As the world's biggest and most successful online retailer, last year the company raked in a stunning $34 billion in profits. We need to let Amazon know that the customers who make this success possible won't stand for miserable, unsafe working conditions.

Send a message to Jeff Bezos today and urge him to stop putting profits before worker safety.

Thanks for everything you do for workers' rights.

Liz, Hilary, Beth, Zoe, Michael, and the American Rights at Work team

P.S. Want to get the word out about Amazon.com’s sweatshop labor? Just forward your friends and family this message, or send them this link directly: http://act.americanrightsatwork.org/o/4022/t/0/blastContent.jsp?email_blast_KEY=

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