Albert Lord: We need to talk!

Student debt has been a crippling force for a generation of recent graduates and those still in school. Year after year, students have seen the possibility of graduating without debt become less realistic as Congress continues to attack higher education by defunding programs like the Pell Grant by claiming “Debt” as the biggest problem for the Federal Government. For over a decade now, the burden has been passed on to students, which worsened the economic recession as young people struggled to find jobs and make payments on their loans, added to the housing bubble burst as young people were graduating with so much debt they couldn’t afford to take on mortgage payments and has played an instrumental role in the rise of credit card debt. While the government turns away from these college students and recent graduates, private lenders have rigged the student loans into a billion dollar industry – and now we’re demanding they pay their fair share to rebuilding the economy to make it one that works for all of us.

Now we’re demanding that students get bailed out, just like the banks and corporations did. If they are too big to fail, so is an entire generation of college graduates and those that didn’t even have the possibility to get a college education because of sky rocketing prices compounded with the interest rates loans brings. We demand to have a say in our lives. We need to collectively call on Sallie Mae, the largest profiteer off of student loans, to demand they forgive student debt – they can ignore one voice or even two, but not when we all speak up together.

It’s time to stand up for ourselves, our friends, our brothers and sisters, and every student faced with debt.

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