Tell Sallie Mae to Dump ALEC!

Sallie Mae is supposed to be in the business of making education a reality.

Instead the company profiteers off its student borrowers by granting risky loans with high interest rates. And now the nation's largest private student loan lender has done the unthinkable – it joined ALEC.

Yes, that ALEC – the "stand your ground," right-wing, extremist, anti-union American Legislative Exchange Council that advances state legislation essentially written by corporations.

Through its ALEC membership, Sallie Mae is throwing money at politicians to ensure the entire higher education system benefits its bottom line.

For too long the company has effectively skirted regulation, ignored calls for transparency, and stayed out of the public's eye despite its major role in the student debt crisis. So we're escalating our campaign to hold the lender accountable by shaming Sallie Mae to leave ALEC.

We're ready to create a PR nightmare for Sallie Mae. But we need you to join us.

We're crashing ALEC's 40th annual meeting in Chicago this week and delivering our petition directly to Sallie Mae.