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AFA 66 eCommunications
A Letter of Apology

On October 6th, the MEC published an eCommunication regarding inappropriate social media activity in the aftermath of the failed ratification of TA2 by individuals who hold representational roles within AFA Council 66.  The ripple effect from this situation has been far reaching and very hurtful to our PHX Flight Attendants as well as motivating others to engage in activity that is in violation of Company policy(distribution of unauthorized items in company mailboxes.)
As mentioned in the October 6th eCommunication: "We cannot and will not defend the use of profanity, threats or the perception of disrespect for those who participated in the democratic process. We must respect the 51% who voted "no" while not forgetting that 49% of our Flight Attendants voted differently. This respect is especially important for those who hold representational roles within Council 66. All inappropriate social media postings that have crossed the line of professionalism by representatives of Council 66 have been firmly addressed with the appropriate action and will not be tolerated. Council 66 also strongly advises that the continued mass production of copies of the social media posts in question that are being placed in company mailboxes as well as other areas of the Company property come to an immediate stop."
This week, Brian Clark and I were approached by Ann Dermanelian and Leslie Lara requesting to address the membership in a public apology.  After some discussion, we agreed to publish the following statements from Ann and Leslie.

Dear Co-Workers: On September 27th, I wrote something on my FB page that was inappropriate.  I used profanity which is something that is completely out of character. For those who know me, know I never use that type of language. The profanity was used in the heat of the moment and while a lot of negative emotion was flowing. Regardless, that does not excuse what I wrote.  I sincerely and profusely  apologize for my actions as they clearly were inappropriate and were very hurtful as well as offensive.  More importantly, I caused division at a time when we need to work on one common cause. I am so sorry and ask you to accept my apology. It is important for me to let you know that I had no part in coping and distributing in company mailboxes of my FB wall post.   As a result of my actions I have resigned from the Grievance Committee. Please forgive and accept my deepest apologies.

Thank You, Ann Dermanelian

Fellow Flight Attendants,

At the conclusion of our contract vote on September 27th, a thread appeared on Facebook which was subsequently removed. It contained a "thumbs-up like" by me as well as language that I do not condone nor use and statements that were harmful and hurtful. I deeply regret that I further perpetuated more division within our Council. For all of this, I apologize. This thread was not representative of my usual character nor ethical union work. I have removed myself from the Council's Facebook page for an unknown period of time; I am no longer an administrator. Also, I have curtailed some other union-related activities. It is my true belief that healing begins with the source of the problem. Please accept my humble apology and have forgiveness in your hearts.

In Solidarity,

Leslie Lara
Council Representative

It is our hope that we can all continue the healing process together as well as to forgive each other.
Deborah Volpe
MEC President
Brian Clark
MEC Secretary-Treasurer
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