Tell the Deficit Super Committee: Don't cut Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security benefits!

Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security are in danger. Ironically, the threat is coming from the people we elected to help keep our country on track.

A new Super Committee in Washington is looking for $1.5 trillion in budget cuts by Thanksgiving. Twelve members of Congress from the House and Senate have the ability to force both chambers of Congress to a vote on a deficit reduction bill that can neither be amended nor filibustered.

Many members of this new bipartisan Super Committee have targeted Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security in the past and have it in their sights once again. It appears they think it's better to let seniors fall into poverty, or deny needed health care to the poor and elderly, than to raise taxes on people who can comfortably afford to pay more.

Last summer’s showdown over the debt ceiling led to a classic case of procrastination, as many tough choices were punted down the field to the new Super Committee.  We should be concerned about the possibility that this panel may recommend budget cuts that would be terribly hurtful for both retirees and workers.

Don’t let politicians in Washington drive seniors into poverty. It’s un-American and just plain wrong.

It's time to put the pressure on the Super Committee. Tell the members of the Super Committee not to cut Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security benefits!

"Don't cut Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security benefits!"
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