Sign the Petition to Keep Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid Strong!

Some in Congress are working to pass deficit reduction plans that target Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid while giving tax breaks to the wealthiest. Their plans include

  • Raising the Social Security age to 70
  • Reducing the Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA) for Social Security beneficiaries
  • Taking away traditional Medicare benefits, leaving seniors at the mercy of insurance companies
  • Raising the Medicare eligibility age to 67
  • Cutting the Medicaid funding that helps seniors afford long-term care

With countless American seniors living at or near poverty, even minor cuts to these programs could threaten the health care and financial security of millions. Please say:

YES to Social Security! Social Security belongs to the people who have worked hard all their lives and contributed to it. Social Security does not contribute a penny to the deficit and should not be cut!

YES to Medicare! Before Medicare, roughly half of all American seniors had no health insurance at all. Even small cuts to Medicare could keep seniors from seeking health care or plunge them into poverty.

YES to Medicaid! Medicaid is the only way that most seniors can afford nursing home and other types of long-term care. 70 percent of seniors could lose this care if it were not for Medicaid.
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This petition has a goal of 4000 signatures
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Number Date Name Location Why is protecting Social ...
2164 Sat Jan 24 08:58:07 EST 2015 jack bubenick loris, SC all money taken out for social security as IOU's to pay for WAR should be returned. I and my fellow seniors did not authorize social security to fund wars.
2163 Sat Jan 10 16:53:28 EST 2015 Patricia Hilliard Bayonne, NJ When employers are unwilling to provide jobs, and when health fails us, Seniors rely on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Otherwise this country will have streets full of homeless sick starving More....
2162 Mon Sep 15 16:14:31 EDT 2014 Michael Fehr Hawthorne, CA
2161 Sun Oct 13 09:16:17 EDT 2013 Mary Steward San Antonio, TX I am 64 and I supplement my income with my social security. Without it I would not be able to survive.
2160 Fri Sep 27 22:16:20 EDT 2013 Brenda Malley Schaumburg, IL
2159 Wed Sep 25 21:47:08 EDT 2013 Marie Brooks Columbus, GA retiring soon
2158 Sun Aug 18 13:58:18 EDT 2013 Charles Stokes Hartford, AR 202 -->201These plans are keeping a lot of seniors from becoming homeless. Social Security has never cost our government a dime. Republicans have been fighting to abolish these plans ever since they were enacted
2157 Wed Jul 03 18:45:56 EDT 2013 Jane Farry Scotrun, PA 207 -->206It is my money that I put into Social Security, don't take it away from me now that I am retired. Social Security isn't nearly enough to live on. Take away your pay and try just living on social security.
2156 Tue Jul 02 18:24:17 EDT 2013 Ms. Carla Compton, Advocate/Activist/Humanist Placerville, CA
2155 Fri Apr 05 11:20:48 EDT 2013 Trudi Atkins Greensboro,N.C. 27407, NC I will be depending on it as part of my income,even though I have tried to save. Besides. I have worked for it all of my life. It is MY money not theirs. Cut congress pay, end fraud and end pork barrel More....
2154 Wed Feb 06 06:01:59 EST 2013 Chuck Krugman FRESNO, CA As a person who is disabled and receiving benefits it is important that the system be protected for myself and others who rely on it to cover basic needs.
2153 Wed Dec 19 18:25:59 EST 2012 Timothy Geron Galveston, TX It my money that I paid all of my working life. Dont screw me now that I am disabled and unable to work. Cut Congressional pay first.
2152 Mon Dec 03 22:43:16 EST 2012 Bradford Lewis KISSIMMEE, FL These plans are keeping a lot of seniors from becoming homeless. Social Security has never cost our government a dime. Republicans have been fighting to abolish these plans ever since they were enacted, More....
2151 Wed Nov 14 14:20:30 EST 2012 Dan pintar CALUMET CITY, IL Thru all the jobs lost by automation,the companies don't pay into S.S.anymore. Can we charge the Co,s for each automatic device that replaces humans??
2150 Tue Nov 13 16:48:15 EST 2012 James Cappy Brattleboro, VT Social Security and Medicare are my hard earned dollors. They do not belong to Congress, they belong to me. If Congress makes changes to Medicare or Social Security, I will regard it as if someone is More....
2149 Mon Nov 05 15:06:28 EST 2012 Janis Martinez Gallup, NM My grown children would not be able to have affordable health care without Medicare. Social Security helps esp. those who do not have other pensions. Rich, greedy employers do not want to pay into S.S. More....
2148 Sat Nov 03 17:09:46 EDT 2012 teralyn siller ARLINGTON, TX
2147 Sat Nov 03 11:52:52 EDT 2012 GLENN HIGHTOWER Oklahoma City, OK I survived a heart attack in 2006 & stroke in 2009. My medical bills exceeded $ 240,000. The above saved our home.
Oklahoma County Democratic Party. VICE-CHAIR !
2146 Sat Nov 03 09:58:18 EDT 2012 Steven Pla ALBUQUERQUE, NM
2145 Fri Nov 02 18:19:20 EDT 2012 Allen Penley Charlotte/Mt. holly, NC
2144 Fri Nov 02 18:13:31 EDT 2012 edgar gehlert rogersville, TN Very simple-get older people out of job market , make room for young-prevent old sick parents having to move back and die with their children.
2143 Fri Nov 02 17:46:47 EDT 2012 ruben neria dallas, TX
2142 Fri Nov 02 17:19:11 EDT 2012 charles seagraff NASHVILLE, TN
2141 Fri Nov 02 14:38:09 EDT 2012 Kenyon L. Pease Jr. Fairfax, VA I paid for it it's mine. My children continue to pay for it it's theirs. Keep your hands off our Social Security, Medicare and Madicaid.
2140 Fri Nov 02 11:23:09 EDT 2012 Patrick Houlihan Chicago, IL
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