Urge Your U.S. Senator to Stop the Sequester! (Automatic Cuts Scheduled for March 1)

**UPDATE**It’s not too late to act!  Even though the bill did not pass yesterday, it is possible the bill may come up for a vote as early as Monday.  If you have not contacted your Senator yet, please do so right now.

Unless Congress acts this week, drastic automatic spending cuts, known as the sequester, will go into effect.  This means that programs vital to seniors like Meals on Wheels, cutting edge medical research, and food safety inspections will be severely cut back. While our Social Security and Medicare benefits themselves will not be cut and are protected, Social Security offices will have their hours cut back and their staff reduced. 

There is a way for Congress to avoid these unnecessary automatic cuts.  The U.S. Senate will vote this week on a plan to reduced federal spending without automatic cuts.  And there will be we no cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

Please encourage your Senator to vote for the American Family Economic Protection Act TODAY!

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