Not New, Not Improved - Stand Against Paul Ryan's Budget

Rep. Paul Ryan and the Republican leadership are demanding outrageously low tax rates for Wall Street and the wealthiest 2% of Americans - and they want to pay for them by voucherizing Medicare, cutting Medicaid benefits, slashing federal pensions and endangering the economic security of older Americans on many levels.

I stand against the Ryan Republican budget plan.

There are reasonable ways to balance our budget, and the Ryan Republican budget plan is not even close. We can’t ask seniors and the middle class to give more while corporate America gets more handouts and more tax incentives to send jobs overseas.

It is absolutely necessary that we protect Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security from benefit cuts. The Ryan Republican budget puts these programs in serious jeopardy and must be stopped.
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2189 Wed Jul 09 15:27:26 EDT 2014 Deborah Roth Tehachapi, CA It makes me sick these Republicans always protecting the rich they don't need any help the middle class is suffering and this idiot was to increase taxes on us while giving the rich a break ARE YOU KIDDING More....
2188 Tue Jun 17 05:56:02 EDT 2014 christina brasher san antonio , TX This man has no heart for the human race. This is the United States for crying out loud, and its not even close to what the Founding Fathers had in mind. To bad for the poor Paul Ryan may think but I say More....
2187 Thu Apr 24 10:25:33 EDT 2014 Lynn Wareman San Antonio, TX
2186 Thu Apr 24 10:25:32 EDT 2014 Lynn Wareman San Antonio, TX
2185 Tue Apr 22 12:31:03 EDT 2014 Nathan Brown MA
2184 Tue Apr 22 11:33:39 EDT 2014 Helen Sherwood Wallingford, CT Because it takes from the poor, seniors and disabled and gives it to the rich in the form of giant tax breaks. It also makes the middle class pay more in taxes. These Republicans are heartless. They More....
2183 Thu Apr 10 20:43:40 EDT 2014 Cathy Deschu PA I'm living on Social Security
2182 Thu Apr 03 23:02:55 EDT 2014 Annette Savino Lyndhurst, NJ
2181 Wed Apr 02 21:04:18 EDT 2014 Kevin Joyce Olney, MD
2180 Tue Apr 01 13:15:17 EDT 2014 John Fontaine Westport, CT
2179 Tue Apr 01 12:46:58 EDT 2014 Lawrence Newman Los Angeles, CA
2178 Thu Mar 20 15:01:49 EDT 2014 Michael Bono Fort Worth, TX 204 -->203I am opposed to paul ryan's budgets because all he ever does is target cuts to poor, middle class, elderly, disabled and military veterans and their families. He NEVER proposes cuts to corporate welfare.
2177 Sun Feb 23 10:44:28 EST 2014 Roberta Hersh Cleveland, OH Terrible for poor people
2176 Fri May 17 19:59:28 EDT 2013 STEPHEN SLACK ALBUQUERQUE, NM The Ryan budget or just about anything he stand for is a joke. He only cares about his Republican base and hopes of one day becoming President. Even if it means he lies, he will do it as those of us More....
2175 Fri Apr 26 20:50:13 EDT 2013 Norma MacKenzie ABILENE, TX It's about time that the wealthy paying their FAIR share of taxes.
2174 Thu Apr 25 01:57:49 EDT 2013 Barbara Thomas BROOKLYN, NY
2173 Mon Apr 22 20:49:11 EDT 2013 joan cherkoss ROSLYN HTS, NY THE WEALTHY MUST PAY A HIGHER TAX RATE.
2172 Mon Apr 22 02:39:06 EDT 2013 Safia Chettih Eugene, OR We've already seen this plan, with its magical thinking, shoddy math, and thinly veiled handouts to those who need it least. It was rejected before, we should reject it again.
2171 Sun Apr 21 12:13:34 EDT 2013 Pual Mcgavis DUNKIRK, NY
2170 Sat Apr 20 23:04:35 EDT 2013 natalie carey NEEDHAM, MA The need to protect Medicare and Medicaid
2169 Wed Apr 17 09:39:32 EDT 2013 Jacquelynne Pilo WEST HARTFORD, CT Ryan's plan helps only the rich and is not fair to the majority of working Americans.
2168 Sun Apr 14 09:17:10 EDT 2013 mel stanfill IL
2167 Sat Apr 13 16:44:37 EDT 2013 Jannie Phillips WEST COLUMBIA, SC
2166 Fri Apr 12 18:57:29 EDT 2013 Norma MacKenzie ABILENE, TX How do these guys justify all they want to do to Social Security and medicare? I worked for all of my adult life and paid into these programs with the knowledge I would be able to depend on them when More....
2165 Fri Apr 12 10:31:03 EDT 2013 Joel Craig Davis Garfield, NJ His plan stands in opposition to the American Dream.
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