Support the Strengthen Social Security Act (S.567)

Instead of a cold, unfair benefit cut like the Chained CPI, the Strengthen Social Security Act (S.567), introduced by Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) would actually increase annual Social Security benefits by an average of $800!

Add your name to this petition to urge your Senator to cosponsor this important legislation. 

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Number Date Name Location What does Social Security ...
14915 2 weeks ago Anonymous livingston, TX It means financial freedom
14914 3 weeks ago Anonymous Green Bay, WI I'm retired. There is no pension. Social Security is my only source of income. In my case, it's just enough to get by on, but I am extremely grateful to have it.
14913 3 weeks ago Anonymous Marlborough, MA I rely on ssdi benefits as I am disabled and I live alone and can barley pay my bills.
14912 3 weeks ago Anonymous Paso Robles, CA Being on very limited incomes, any COLA increases we receive can only help with the increasing costs of food, medicine/medical, and general cost of living expenses. The minimal increases we have r...
14911 4 weeks ago Linda Kingsley Rockledge, FL Social security is not an entitlement program, but an investment program built on contributions of workers over their lifetimes. It should not be used or borrowed against by the US government.
14910 4 weeks ago Anonymous Madison, TN $800 extra a year doesn't sound like much, but it sure would help. Can we get rid of the donut hole next?
14909 1 month ago Ronald Sorrells Grand Saline, TX It means that all the money taken from my earnings for social security will actually work for me instead of for politicians to buy votes!
14908 1 month ago Anonymous Pottsboro, TX Getting "some" of my money back that was taken
From my paycheck by the SSA (government) for
50 of my working years !!!!!!
14907 1 month ago robert wisniewski middillville, MI
14906 1 month ago Kenneth W. Matheny Columbus , OH It means I can have a place to live and have some money to pay for some food. The govt. took it out of my check before I got paid , now they don't want to give my money back to me ? It is not an INT...
14905 1 month ago Martha Fait GLENDALE, AZ
14904 1 month ago Deanna Dowding Seward, NE Social Security is my money which I have a right to. It is not an entitlement. My family needs this money to survive in retirement. Savings pay no interest.
14903 1 month ago gail calhoun Rogue River, OR I depend on Social Security Benefits almost exclusively and so do my parents. We all have worked our entire lives and added to this program. Any action that truly srengthens it we are all for it
14902 1 month ago Arlene Bridgewater Scottsburg, IN
14901 2 months ago CHARLES JONES AUGUSTA, ME
14900 3 months ago Anonymous Coral Springs, FL It's a large percentage of my income because of little savings accumulated, and the miniscule return in them. Please pass this bill.
14899 3 months ago Kathryn Dalenberg Valley Head, AL I receive the SS benefit I am entitled to and am thankful for it. It is VERY important to me.
14898 3 months ago Carla Lamarr Margate, FL It means I can pay SOME of my bills. Would love to have a larger check the size of $1000. or more per month like most people get. My savings are almost gone.
14897 3 months ago Anonymous Tracy, CA It makes 1/2 of my monthly retirement so if I'm careful there's enough to pay most of my bill's. The main thing prices keep rising and my income doesn't.
14896 3 months ago Linda Kinney WA
14895 3 months ago Lester Constuble Ketchikan, AK Social Security is the greatest portion of our retirement income. It allows us to live and pay our commitments. We would be totally lost without it. Please see that Social security continues on.
14894 3 months ago Mary Siegfried Oakland, CA It makes up half my retirement income and, thus, ensures that I can live with dignity and self-respect in the later years of my life.
14893 4 months ago Anonymous Lowell, MI Security. It is a vital part of my retirement income so I can afford to live.
14892 4 months ago Anonymous Dexter, IA It means I cannot receive my full Social Security benefit due because I am a retired postal employee and get a Civil Service retirement. I EARNED BOTH and am feel like I am being cheated out of my...
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