Support the Strengthen Social Security Act (S.567)

Instead of a cold, unfair benefit cut like the Chained CPI, the Strengthen Social Security Act (S.567), introduced by Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) would actually increase annual Social Security benefits by an average of $800!

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Number Date Name Location What does Social Security ...
14932 1 minute ago Michael Brabender rise the cap to $500,000 than a 1% for $500,000 an above incomes. Cost of living should be the cost of medical increase.
14931 1 week ago Dale Kenel Grand Rapids, MI It is the only source of income for those older folks displaced by the corporate economy.
14930 1 week ago Frank De Santo Edison, NJ It is not an entitlement, it is a benefit I paid for. Stop those that call it a handout, it is social security!
14929 1 week ago Richard Hadlock Sandy, UT The purpose of Social Security is to limit unforeseen and/or unprepared for dangers in life: including old age, disability, poverty, unemployment, and the burdens of widow(er)s with and with...
14928 1 week ago Patrick Caffrey Murray, UT I am going on 71 years old. Have had my hours at work cut from 3 days per week to 1 day of per week and soon I may lose even this one day. Younger employees are getting the shifts of work I used to ...
14927 1 week ago Anonymous CO I need it to live on. It means everything to me
14926 1 week ago Maryann Agee Barnhart, MO Just what do you think it means? That is such a ridiculous question...It doesn't deserve an answer. I will say one thing, I am so very grateful for my Social Security and Pension.
14925 1 week ago Diana & Lawrence Sanders Arnold, MO Our main source of income.
14924 3 weeks ago joe mulheren LATROBE, PA
14923 4 weeks ago Happy Benson Winooski, VT Security
14922 4 weeks ago Anonymous plainville, MA
14921 4 weeks ago Anonymous Hope, ID Stability..I earned every dollar; those who more than $118,500.00 are truly the Welfare recipents..wouldn't you agree?
14920 4 weeks ago Helle Peegel Ann Arbor, MI It's a blessing to know that there will be money to
pay for food, medications and bills.
14919 4 weeks ago Anonymous San clemente, CA I have pain in and would hope to be paid back when I retire.
14918 4 weeks ago Patricia Green Mt Pleasant, SC It is half of my monthly income and it should be protected as each of us has paid into the plan and we should not have to worry about not receiving it. Pay the deficit with funds used for wars and ...
14917 4 weeks ago betty nicholson San diego, CA Very important for not being a dependent to my Daughters we need an increase
14916 4 weeks ago alex jimenez anderson, SC without ss we would be in deep dodo
14915 1 month ago Anonymous livingston, TX It means financial freedom
14914 1 month ago Anonymous Green Bay, WI I'm retired. There is no pension. Social Security is my only source of income. In my case, it's just enough to get by on, but I am extremely grateful to have it.
14913 1 month ago Anonymous Marlborough, MA I rely on ssdi benefits as I am disabled and I live alone and can barley pay my bills.
14912 1 month ago Anonymous Paso Robles, CA Being on very limited incomes, any COLA increases we receive can only help with the increasing costs of food, medicine/medical, and general cost of living expenses. The minimal increases we have r...
14911 1 month ago Linda Kingsley Rockledge, FL Social security is not an entitlement program, but an investment program built on contributions of workers over their lifetimes. It should not be used or borrowed against by the US government.
14910 1 month ago Anonymous Madison, TN $800 extra a year doesn't sound like much, but it sure would help. Can we get rid of the donut hole next?
14909 2 months ago Ronald Sorrells Grand Saline, TX It means that all the money taken from my earnings for social security will actually work for me instead of for politicians to buy votes!
14908 2 months ago Anonymous Pottsboro, TX Getting "some" of my money back that was taken
From my paycheck by the SSA (government) for
50 of my working years !!!!!!
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