Support the Strengthen Social Security Act (S.567)

Instead of a cold, unfair benefit cut like the Chained CPI, the Strengthen Social Security Act (S.567), introduced by Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) would actually increase annual Social Security benefits by an average of $800!

Add your name to this petition to urge your Senator to cosponsor this important legislation. 

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Number Date Name Location What does Social Security ...
14948 1 week ago C Huber Clearwater, FL Everything
14947 1 week ago Bernard Nowakowski Clinton Township, MI Economic freedom that was better then my father's.
14946 3 weeks ago Nina Ramos St. Petersburg, FL Social security means survival to me.
I paid into it for many years, from the age of 16.
It is a promise and a legal contract.
14945 3 weeks ago gerry rissman laporte, IN Social Security means everything to me as it is my sole source of income.
14944 3 weeks ago connie moody albany, OR It is my only income that I have been paying into since I was 16 and I am now 70. I would appreciate the IOU's be paid back and quit trying to reduce or take away what middle and lower class America...
14943 3 weeks ago Jacquelyn Davis IL it is a lifeline to stability
14942 1 month ago Anonymous Annapolis, MD It is a benefit that I worked for and earned. Need the income in my senior years.
14941 1 month ago Thomas Poehlman Sarasota, FL
14940 1 month ago Michael Moore Fairfield, IA A critical supplement to my income when I retire. I want to enjoy my retirement years vs. struggle to live.
14939 1 month ago Michael Carver Ridgefield, WA I am TOTALLY, TOTALLY DEAD IN THE WATER WITHOUT SOCIAL SECURITY
14938 1 month ago John Mitros Trappe, PA Whereas the original purpose and intent of the Social Security Act stated specifically that it never become part of the General Fund, Congress has now put the entire program on an unstable footing b...
14937 1 month ago Anonymous Sedro-Woolley, WA I am retired from the railroad and my pension is tied
to Social Security and Railroad Retirement.
14936 1 month ago K. Arnone Brooklyn, NY
14935 1 month ago K. Arnone Brooklyn, NY
14934 1 month ago gail calhoun Rogue River, OR it is my means of support! Government brorrows from it, so this is deserved action and I do ask for this bill's support by Senator Ron Wyden and Senator Jeff Merkley.
14933 2 months ago Anonymous DOVER, DE Social Security means the ability to live as a financially independent citizen as I did for the 40 years that I maintained viable employment.
14932 2 months ago Michael Brabender WI rise the cap to $500,000 than a 1% for $500,000 an above incomes. Cost of living should be the cost of medical increase.
14931 3 months ago Dale Kenel Grand Rapids, MI It is the only source of income for those older folks displaced by the corporate economy.
14930 3 months ago Frank De Santo Edison, NJ It is not an entitlement, it is a benefit I paid for. Stop those that call it a handout, it is social security!
14929 3 months ago Richard Hadlock Sandy, UT The purpose of Social Security is to limit unforeseen and/or unprepared for dangers in life: including old age, disability, poverty, unemployment, and the burdens of widow(er)s with and with...
14928 3 months ago Patrick Caffrey Murray, UT I am going on 71 years old. Have had my hours at work cut from 3 days per week to 1 day of per week and soon I may lose even this one day. Younger employees are getting the shifts of work I used to ...
14927 3 months ago Anonymous CO I need it to live on. It means everything to me
14926 3 months ago Maryann Agee Barnhart, MO Just what do you think it means? That is such a ridiculous question...It doesn't deserve an answer. I will say one thing, I am so very grateful for my Social Security and Pension.
14925 3 months ago Diana & Lawrence Sanders Arnold, MO Our main source of income.
14924 3 months ago joe mulheren LATROBE, PA
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