Expand Social Security!

We have a retirement income crisis that must be addressed. I support expanding our Social Security system.

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56 3 weeks ago Bob Derrico Valley Cottage, NY
55 4 weeks ago Janet Snyder Las Vegas, NV It's a middle class benefit that was paid-into during our working years. We depend on it, to survive and remain independent.
54 1 month ago Ellen Maurer Wichita Falls,, TX I taught for years...we PAID for it!!!
53 1 month ago Jeanne Behling IL
52 1 month ago L. Jerome Gibson Beiieville, IL
51 1 month ago Herbert Korn Lexington, MA
50 1 month ago Clarence W Goodson Massillion, OH
49 1 month ago Art Boulton Bothell, WA More Retires depend on
Social Security as large part of their retirement income.
48 1 month ago william centeno wilmington, NC
47 1 month ago Perry Williams Tacoma, WA
46 1 month ago Rob Schrock KALISPELL, MT Seniors have paid their dues helping us so now it's time we say to them that they aren't too heavy,
44 1 month ago Anonymous murrieta, CA Because seniors have paid into this insurance program. It is not a government give away. We need to do away with the cap on income. Those at the top should be able to pay all the way to the end of t...
43 1 month ago Mike and Jane Conrad Bloomington, MN Ensure elderly Americans can be independent.
42 1 month ago William Pienta Fredonia, NY
41 1 month ago Ken Oberholtzer ME
40 1 month ago Margaret Corbett Rome, NY The middle class is diminishing every day! Social Security is the program that keeps our seniors, disabled, and orphaned children from slipping into dire poverty. Shame on any Congressperson who w...
39 1 month ago Edmond Batres Carson, CA
38 1 month ago Amy Carrasquillo parkland, FL I have been working for 40 yrs and yes I would like to get what I have paid for.
37 2 months ago Mary Boschert-Brannin Missoula, MT It will provide enough income to allow seniors to live above the poverty level. Middle income people are already being squeezed by taxes and lack of good paying jobs. This expansion will help the ...
36 2 months ago Anonymous NEW HAVEN, CT I support expansion of social security with increased assistance in all areas to strengthen our economy. Have you forgotten the purpose of social security and to social security that is never paid t...
35 2 months ago Anonymous Elwood , IL Social Security, and Medicare need to be expanded so as to stabilize our economy. The CUTS need to be in FRAUD.. With BiMetrics there is NO EXCUSE for FRAUD. There is NO EXCUSE with the Military Ge...
34 2 months ago Alfred Calambro Henrico, VA
33 2 months ago Margarita Duncan Tomko FARMINGDALE, NY
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