Expand Social Security!

We have a retirement income crisis that must be addressed. I support expanding our Social Security system.

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79 3 months ago Anonymous Midlothian-, TX We worked our whole life so when we retired we would get our Social Security now all I hear is the Government wants to give vouchers and they already dip into the pot and I do not mean the Presiden...
78 6 months ago Anonymous San Juan, PR 100%
77 6 months ago Ms. Carla Compton, Advocate/Activist/Humanist Placerville, CA
76 6 months ago David Stanley Champaign, IL People who have paid into Social Security their entire working lives deserve their benefits.
75 7 months ago Nancy Lee Farrell Tacoma, WA
74 7 months ago Margery Stone SHELOCTA, PA

Social Security Pension Offset and Windfall Elimination Provision Legislation.... Because of this ‘ill-thought-out’ legislation, ...
72 7 months ago Susan Dominica Fort Collins, CO I will be 66 this September and plan to retire in October of 2015 at age 67 after having worked since I was 16. I have an adult son who became disabled while he was in college- he manages to survi...
71 7 months ago Lisa McKinnon New Britain, CT The working poor and the middle class need help to be sure their parents and grandparents can live in dignity.
70 7 months ago virginia jarvis Seattle, WA Every time Congress gives into Repuglycans things get worse for us. Social Security should be restored to its separate account as it is not part of the National Budget. It was only one so to use as ...
69 7 months ago rosina inlender NEW YORK, NY
68 7 months ago Gerald Hunt San Jose, CA It has been functionally effective at giving Seniors a bit more financial assistance. That is a good thing which certain politicians want to steal rather then supplement. It is grand theft to turn...
67 7 months ago Travis Taylor Orlando, FL I am a recipient and it is a major component of my retirement compensation and I want it kept that way for everyone.
66 7 months ago Don Young grover beach, CA For the disabled on SSDI, no enough to support a living. Cost of living is to high.
65 7 months ago Susan E Scott Cincinnati, OH Spouse & I both receive "Social Insecurity" which explains it all. I've excessive medical requirements (related issue) due to chronic ailment.
64 7 months ago Lew Snyder Laredo, TX It isn't even close to matching the rise of the cost of living and needs to be. it's only fair.
63 7 months ago GUY M HAYES SPLENDORA, TX
62 7 months ago Randy Haugen Decorah, IA It needs a upgrade,Not any more cutting.
61 7 months ago J. Ross Fairmont, WV
60 7 months ago P. Ross FAIRMONT, WV
59 7 months ago Barry Cravatt Kingsland, TX To improve this system and fight against the psychopathic tear down.
58 7 months ago Joseph Gentile CLEMSON, SC
57 7 months ago franklin smith clyo, GA I have paid it in since I was sixteen years old my country should have invested it for mei want my investment back
56 8 months ago Bob Derrico Valley Cottage, NY
55 8 months ago Janet Snyder Las Vegas, NV It's a middle class benefit that was paid-into during our working years. We depend on it, to survive and remain independent.
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