Stop Closing Our Social Security Offices

Americans came together to create the Social Security system to provide a basic, reliable foundation for retirement and --if needed-- disability. Closing field offices and making it more difficult to access benefits information is an attempt to dismantle that foundation. It’s time to stop it.

Tell Congress: Quit playing games with the Social Security Administration. Stop closing our Social Security offices and fully fund the Social Security Administration! Many disabled and older Social Security recipients depend on field offices, and the workers in them, to know what their benefits are and to address questions.

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6311 1 week ago Eldon Ball
6310 1 week ago Lucas Brown
6309 1 month ago Linda Kane
6308 1 month ago Mark Teig
6307 3 months ago Gary Hull
6306 5 months ago Roy Grando
6305 5 months ago JoAnn Sorrell
6304 6 months ago Sue Holtz
6303 6 months ago Martha Fait
6302 6 months ago Linda Suggs
6301 6 months ago Esther Baer Because I worked for it I am titled to it and I want It it --- SO HANDS OFF!
6300 7 months ago RON SMOLENSKI
6299 7 months ago erin yarrobino
6298 7 months ago K. Arnone
6297 7 months ago Henry A. Mason
6296 7 months ago Thomas Tizard
6295 7 months ago Sandip Dasverma
6294 7 months ago Mary Bennett
6293 8 months ago Kristen Zehner The arrogance of too many Congresspeople in closing Soc Sec and postal offices makes my blood boil. What makes them think they have the RIGHT to do this without consulting their constituents? A...
6292 8 months ago Juanita Hull
6291 8 months ago VickyLou Sharer
6290 8 months ago J Kaller
6289 8 months ago Carol Gonzalez
6288 8 months ago Denise Lytle
6287 8 months ago Patrick Sennello
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