Principles for Growing Our Movement

The global movement for a truly sustainable food system is critical for the future of our planet and the lives of all of us who eat. The status quo is unacceptable.
Real Food Real Jobs, a project of food worker union UNITE HERE, recognizes that food service workers have much to contribute to the food movement and much to gain from its success.
Food service workers want to use their skills to cook real food and their front-line role in the food system to keep consumers safe. Yet, these workers currently bear the brunt of our dysfunctional food system through particularly high rates of food insecurity, poverty and food-related illness.

Real Food Real Jobs has three fundamental principles.

We encourage you to sign on and support these principles. We believe a truly sustainable food system is one that respects and involves input from the workers who prepare meals for our children and for us when we are away from home.

1. REAL FOOD: We support a food system that emphasizes fresh cooked meals rather than processed items, prioritizes the local and ethical sourcing of ingredients, and utilizes production methods that are humane and respect our environment.

2. REAL JOBS: Food workers should be paid a living wage (with health and retirement benefits, including enough to afford real food for their families. Workers should be free to publicly disclose food safety or quality issues, and to form a union through a legal and democratic process of their own choosing without threats and intimidation.

3. TRANSPARENCY: Transparency is fundamental in changing our food system. Food service institutions should fully disclose the source of their food purchases, and the wages and benefits paid to food workers.
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