Tell Universities to End Investment in HEI’s Sweatshop Hotels

Since 2004, elite universities have been dominant anchor investors in one of the country's most notorious private equity hoteliers, HEI Hospitality. Over the past year, Ivy League universities such as Yale, Harvard, Princeton and Brown have announced that they will not reinvest in HEI.  We commend their decisions. As the owner and operator of over 40 hotels across the country, HEI has repeatedly come under fire for its growing record of labor violations and sweatshop working conditions.

Now HEI hotel workers, students and other allies across the country stand united in an effort to end exploitive working conditions at HEI Hotels. Together, they are calling for university administrations to uphold their values of respect, dignity and equity in their investment practices. 

“I’m tired of working in fear. I’m tired of living paycheck to paycheck. I’m tired of the pain in my shoulder and back,” said Rosa de la Rosa, a 14-year housekeeper at the HEI-owned Le Meridien, Cambridge. “By standing together, our voice is being heard.”

Join us in demanding justice at HEI's sweatshop hotels and the end to university support of the company’s unethical and illegal labor practices!

Call on The University of Chicago, University of Notre Dame and the University of Michigan to end investments in HEI's sweatshop hotels!

If you are a student or alumni, add in a new first sentence explaining your affiliation to the university.

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