Sign up to help promote the AFM in Congress

As you know, a crucial function of the Federation is to be a political presence in Washington, lobbying on behalf of professional musicians. To be successful, we must have a strong political action committee (PAC) to thank our friends in Congress for the hard work they do on behalf of musicians. Because of our relationships with legislators, we have been able to achieve a number of victories in Congress this year.

An effective grassroots advocacy effort is also necessary to promote AFM’s issues in Congress. Please sign up so you can be part of instantly notifying legislators of your interest and support on various issues. If you have a website please add a link to this page. 

Only with your support can the AFM be an effective lobbying organization.

If you are currently an Active member of the AFM, your email has already been added to this list. Please do not complete this form, rather visit our Legislative page for more information: