Tell HEI to Stop Union Busting

At the Marriott La Jolla, owned and operated by cutthroat hotel management company HEI, Teresa Diego was removed from the schedule after sitting with employees who brought in a cake to celebrate their recent organizing victories. In two other hotels, the HEI-operated Le Meridien San Francisco and the Sheraton Crystal City, HEI has disciplined union activists.

But HEI’s recent attack on union activists has only made hotel workers more unified and determined to organize. HEI hotel workers in Boston, D.C., San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles are organizing despite unfair discipline and threats to their jobs.

At the Sheraton Crystal City, union activist and twenty two year employee Ferdi Lazo has recently received disciplinary notices. This is the not the first time: When management previously terminated him for organizing, USAS was at the forefront of building a national movement that fought to win his job back. The hotel offered Ferdi a $50,000 settlement offer which would not have included his return to the hotel. Ferdi rejected the offer, and instead returned to work in June 2010 with $24,800 in back wages.

These attacks have only strengthened the workers’ resolve, and they plan to continue coordinated actions until they win the respect and fair wages they deserve. USAS has played a key role in this fight for years. Harvard, Brown, Yale, Princeton, Dartmouth and Vanderbilt have all made statements committing to not reinvest in HEI. Cornell, Swarthmore, and the University of Pennsylvania have also responded to student actions by making statements.

Send a message to HEI: tell them you won’t stand for this kind of blatant union busting.

Gorden Luster

General Manager, Marriot La Jolla

Fax:(858) 457-5153

Julie Cashin Young

General Manager, Sheraton Crystal City

Fax:(703) 769-3970

Pradeep Boba

General Manager, Le Meridien San Francisco

Fax:(415) 296-2901