All Players United!

After decades of enforcing unjust rules, NCAA sports is now at a tipping point.  The fate of college athletes hangs in the balance.  Athletes and their supporters are uniting through the National College Players Association, which has spent years fighting unjust NCAA rules through public pressure, sponsoring new laws, conducting pivotal studies, and pushing for justice through the courts.  Unity among athletes is growing by the day, lawmakers are introducing reform bills, and major players’ rights lawsuits are in motion.  It’s urgent for college athletes and their supporters to do all they can to make sure things change for the better – not the worse.  

Support the #AllPlayersUnited campaign to bring justice for current and future college athletes across the nation!

How to Participate

  1. Pledge your support by signing the petition below.
  2. Add #APU to your Facebook and Twitter profile pic
  3. Participate in social media player and fan demonstrations/letters to lawmakers -- be sure to opt-in to text alerts so you can included (your information will not be shared)

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All Players United Campaign Goals:

  • Demonstrate unity among college athletes and fans from different campuses seeking NCAA reform. 
  • Show support for the players who joined concussion lawsuits against the NCAA, which could force the NCAA to finally take meaningful steps to minimize brain trauma in contact sports and provide resources for current and former players suffering with brain injuries.
  • Show support for the players who stepped up in the O’Bannon v. NCAA, EA Sports lawsuit regarding the use of players images/likeliness, which could unlock billions of dollars in resources for current, future, and former players.
  • Stand behind individual players being harmed by NCAA rules.
  • Direct a portion of over $1 billion in new TV revenue to guarantee basic protections:
    •  Guarantee scholarship renewals for permanently injured players
    •  Ensure injured players are not stuck with sports-related medical bills
    •  Increase scholarships $3-5k to cover the full cost of attendance
    •  Minimize brain trauma in contact sports
    •  Establish an educational lockbox (trust fund) to increase graduation rates