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3 Adjunct Regional Meetings Set for Fall
Three informative regional meetings for adjunct faculty will be held on campuses this fall.
• Understanding Your Health Insurance - Sept. 21
• How Negotiations May Impact You - Oct. 5
• Get the Job! - Nov. 16
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Aug. 26 – First day of classes

 Scholarship Winners

Congratulations Students!


 Summary of Executive
 Board Motions

May 21, 2013 Executive Board Meeting
• Endorsed Miguel Santiago for Assembly District 53
• Contributed $1500 to Miguel Santiago’s campaign for AD 53
• Approved the 2013-14 Executive Council and Executive Board meeting dates

September 2013

Welcome Back to School

We hope you’ve enjoyed your summer and are ready for an exciting new school year. We are also pleased to be introducing a new look for our Guild newsletter, Read On. In a nod to our members’ busy lives, Read On has now gone all digital. Every month you will be able to get the latest Guild headlines in one quick email. Interested in a story? Just click on the hyperlink to read the full article.

We’re looking forward to a busy and productive school year – and one that finally doesn’t have all of the draconian cuts that we have had to endure for the past several years. Thanks to you, your Guild and to CFT for passing Prop. 30 last November, we can look forward to getting education in California back on track.

 Guild News

Good News! Guild Wins 3% Raise for Faculty
2013-14 salary reopeners have concluded, and the Guild is pleased to announce that we have negotiated a 3% raise! (That’s 1.57% COLA plus an additional increase of 1.43% totaling 3%). This agreement was approved by a 6-1 vote of the Board of Trustees at its August 21 Board meeting. The 3% raise will be applied retroactively as of July 1 to all full-time and adjunct faculty salaries, as well as differentials and stipends. You will see it reflected on your September paycheck.


Stop AB 955!
Assembly Bill 955 (Williams) is a misguided bill that creates a two-tier fee system and gives students who can afford to pay about $200 a unit — rather than the current fee of $46 — access to courses that lower-income students cannot afford. Fee waivers granted to our neediest students could not be applied to these pricier courses. Last year, the Guild worked hard to pass Proposition 30.


Tell Your Friends in AD 45 About Andra Hoffman!
At the Guild’s July 16 Executive Board meeting E Board delegates enthusiastically endorsed Andra Hoffman, Democratic candidate in the 45th State Assembly District special election September 17 to replace Los Angeles City Councilmember-elect Bob Blumenfield.


Welcome Natalina Monteiro, Guild’s New Political Director
The Los Angeles College Faculty Guild AFT 1521 is pleased to announce the appointment of Natalina Monteiro as its new Political Director.


EDD Step by Step
For the past six months, Grace Chee, the Guild’s EDD Ombudsperson, has been assisting faculty with issues related to their unemployment claims, including seven appeals before the EDD. Here are her tips for how to make sure your unemployment claim goes smoothly.


President's Message

Retirement News

Adjunct Faculty News

Welcome Back to School!
Some of you traveled this summer, and some of you taught summer session (a first for some!); some of you created “intellectual property” and some of you reviewed works that others created; some of you kept the wheels turning on your campus and in the District.

CalSTRS Closed FY 2012-13 with Good Investment Growth
CalSTRS has experienced steady growth in the global equity market, which fueled a 13.8 percent investment return to close the 2012–13 fiscal year,

Benefits Enrollment & Fall Workshops
Part-time faculty who are eligible for District medical, dental and/or vision benefits for the first time this fall (or adjuncts who were previously enrolled but lost

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