AFT - Reclaiming the Promise

Reclaim the Promise of Brown v. Board

Pledge to stand with us as we fight to reclaim the promise of Brown v. Board, the promise of a high-quality public education for all children.

Sixty years ago, segregation was largely considered a southern problem. Today, it's a national problem

When the Supreme Court took up Brown v. Board of Education and ruled unanimously that separate is not equal--and in the years since--the AFT fought for equal access for all of our childen. Today, we're fighting those who would roll back the progress we've made in the years since Brown.

The divide between those with opportunity and those falling behind is no accident. It's driven by privatizers and austerity hawks who believe in a market-based system for public education--a system with winners and losers instead of equal opportunity for all.

But across the country, we're standing shoulder to shoulder and hand in hand with students, parents, educators and communities to reclaim the promise made in Brown.

In Chicago--home to the largest mass school closing in America's history--we're rallying to fight over-testing and hold politicians accountable.

In Philadelphia--where the state slashed school funding and devastated the district--we're mobilizing to defend schools from privatization and to demand fair funding.

In Newark--where Gov. Christie's hand-picked commissioner is shuttering neighborhood schools and turning them into privately-run charters--citizens just elected a new Mayor who's a strong advocate for public education over a candidate backed by Wall St. "reformers."

It's been sixty years since Brown v. Board of Education. We've come a long way, closing achievement gaps and building paths to opportunity. But growing inequality threatens to undo those strides.

Today, we must stand together to reclaim the promise of Brown for all our kids, no matter their ZIP code, their parents' income or the color of their skin.